What is the war cost for Russia?

The Russian Federation is facing enormous pressure on its economy because of the full-scale invasion in Ukraine and sanctions imposed by various countries. Read here the latest estimations on the impact on its economy — updated daily as the war in Ukraine continues.

Who we are?

We are Ukrainian citizens, who were born to live in the independent Ukraine. We work in the top international firms located in Ukraine and decided to unite our analytical capacities to stop the war started by Russia on the 24th of February. Our purpose is to raise world awareness of what is currently happening in Ukraine, to deliver the world the real effect and cost of war both for Russia and Ukraine, and to present possible recommendations for the international community.

Real ways to stop the war in Ukraine

36.8 bn

total cost of invasion

Cost of destroyed equipment & military casual ties

Attack jets

Nr. of units destroyed


Total Costs, USD bn


Artillery pieces

Nr. of units destroyed


Total Costs, USD bn



Nr. of units destroyed


Total Costs, USD bn


Armored vehicles

Nr. of units destroyed


Total Costs, USD bn


Human personnel

Nr. of units destroyed


Total Costs, USD bn


Warships and patrol boats

Nr. of units destroyed


Total Costs, USD bn


Cruise missiles

Nr. of units destroyed


Total Costs, USD bn


Attacks helicopters

Nr. of units destroyed


Total Costs, USD bn


Total cost of invasion


Costs of human personnel are estimated as average gross value added generated by worker (individuals 15-64 years old) per years, multiplied by the remaining productive life expectancy of the personnel.

Santions pressure:

How to make Russia pay?

Some in the West think sanctions are not going to stop Russia from waging the war in Ukraine. We, at EasyBusiness, Centre for Economic Recovery and CIVITTA argue otherwise. Outlining concrete steps to ensure sanctions work, this rigorous analytics provides answers to such major questions

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This summary is prepared by CIVITTA and EasyBusiness experts in Ukraine in a workgroup coordinated by the Center for Economic Recovery. Read our full study on the economic impact on the war and ways to support Ukraine here. 

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