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The program promotes markets, free from interventions by a government, price-setting monopoly, or other authority. The research conducted will contribute to Ukraine’s transition to a free market economy.

Policy Research on Establishment of the Fully-liberalized Farmland Market in Ukraine: International Experience Analysis and Economic Effect Estimation

EasyBusiness team initiated the discussion concerning the necessity of the establishment of free farmland market in Ukraine. EasyBusiness has accomplished the following activities: (1) development of a complex public policy paper that covered the study of farmland market functioning of 60 countries and resulted in policy recommendations; (2) creation of land reform guide that included a complex stakeholder analysis with a list of benefits for each of them.

Involved partners: pro-bono advisory services, Reanimation Package of Reforms, UCAB, Center for Economic Strategy

Concept of Currency Liberalization in Ukraine

EasyBusiness performed the following activities: (a) creation of a three- stage concept of currency liberalization; (b) development of an economic model to estimate proposed measures (9.5 bn UAH); (c) conduction of research on currency liberalization experience in >20 countries, designed recommendations for NBU. The project deliverables helped to formulate NBU’s liberalization strategy.

Involved partners: pro-bono advisory services, National Bank of Ukraine, Center for Economic Strategy, Case-Ukraine

Roadmap for Small-Scale Hydropower Projects in Ukraine

The analytical report developed within the partnership with Norwegian- Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce (NUCC) is an investor guide for entering of Ukrainian aquaculture market, includes a table of permits needed for starting a business, analysis of Ukrainian agriculture and aquaculture market, and definition of worldwide best practices.

Involved partners: Royal Norwegian Embassy, Norwegian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Energy, Everlegal

Roadmap for Aquaculture Development in Ukraine

The analytical report developed within the partnership with Norwegian- Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce (NUCC) is an investor guide for entering of Ukrainian aquaculture market, includes a table of permits needed for starting a business, analysis of Ukrainian agriculture and aquaculture market, and definition of worldwide best practices.

Involved partners: Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, Norwegian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, State Agency of Fisheries, Everlegal

Norwegian-Ukrainian Business Guides for Grains, Fruits and Vegetables

The project includes (1) overview of grains, fruits, and vegetables segments and status of bilateral cooperation with Norway, (2) analysis of regulatory barriers for export of selected segments from and to Ukraine, (3) consolidation of findings, design of the document and presentation

Involved partners: Norwegian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce

Political Economy Assessment of Land Reform Issue in Ukraine

Within USAID ARDS project, EasyBusiness is currently working on PEA for land market reform in Ukraine, including summarizing key obstacles and opportunities, drivers and possible interventions. The project activities will result in the understanding of a full-fledged picture of key reform stakeholders and their interests.

Involved partners: USAID, Chemonics, GFK, Center for Economic Strategy, UCAB


The program aims to create better business-enabling environment. The projects within the program target all economic agents to make an important step forward in the facilitation of economic prosperity and removing the barriers for doing business. The program will lay the ground for the long-delayed structural reforms.

Deregulation Strategy of Ukrainian Economy

A group of advisors to the Minister of Economic Development and Trade analyzed more than 1,000 deregulation measures gathered while interviewing stakeholders. During the period of 2014-2016, almost half of proposed initiatives were adopted, generating ~UAH 50bn of savings in business and government costs.

Involved partners: pro-bono advisory services, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade

A Strategic Advisory Group on Deregulation

EasyBusiness’ team developed a supportive legislation, which included Draft Law #1580, a Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine #42, Action Plan for the Ukrainian government #357p, that has been of Deregulation Strategy of Ukrainian economy implementation. The adopted legislation enforced the majority of the initiatives, proposed by EasyBusiness team.

Involved partners: International Renaissance Foundation, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade

Improving Ukraine’s Position in Doing Business Ranking

The project launched in 2016 with Norwegian Embassy, GIZ and Atlas Network financial assistance. It helped to increase Ukraine’s position within the following DB indicators: “Starting a Business”, “Getting Credit”, “Registering a Property”, “Protection of Minority Investors”, etc. Thus, EasyBusiness team made a direct impact on the improvement of Ukraine’s position in the DB from 112 (in 2014) to 76 (in 2018) position.

Involved partners: Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Atlas Network, GIZ, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade

Operational Plan for the Regulatory Guillotine Reform

EasyBusiness together with Jacobs, Cordova & Associates and the Ministry of Economic Development of Trade of Ukraine developed the project with the financial support from the World Bank to establish a strategy for rapid regulatory reform (rolling review).

Involved partners: The World Bank Group, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade

Regulatory Impact Assessment of the Draft Law on Energy Efficiency

EasyBusiness team assessed regulatory impact of the Draft Law on energy efficiency and provided policy makers with recommendations to choose the proper measures. Having conducted a cost-benefit analysis, the proposed Draft Law turned out to be not efficient and implied high costs both for business and government. Findings of the project supported the government representatives with an unbiased tool of evaluating the proposed Draft Law.

Involved partners: GIZ, EverLegal, State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Savings

Integration of Ukrainian SMEs into EU value chains

The project pursues the goal of integration of Ukrainian SMEs into EU value chains within EU Association agreement that will be realized through two main objectives: (1) development of a complex document that will include public policy recommendations for governmental authorities and practical guides of current opportunities of integration into EU value chains for SME representatives; (2) provision of informational support for the developed initiatives.

Involved partners: International Renaissance Foundation

Investment Barriers, Competitiveness Assessment & Investors’ Perception Survey

Working in the consortium with Deloitte and Kinstellar, EasyBusiness` team is responsible for the identification of the obstacles to investment through a company survey of lost, potential and existing foreign investors, development of an Investment Barriers Report. The project activities will result in the establishment of a favorable business and investment environment in Ukraine.

Involved partners: The World Bank Group, UkraineInvest, Deloitte, Kinstellar

Development of the Bureaucracy Index (BI)

Bureaucracy Index is a simple and transparent instrument that allows to quantitatively measure a negative impact of bureaucracy on enterprise activity during one year by calculation of time and money, wasted in order to complete all of the bureaucratic procedures.

The mission of the project is to increase public awareness of bureaucratic burden which impedes business activities in Ukraine through establishing a comprehensive list of “red tape” duties as well as estimating their costs.
Find out more on the website.

Involved partners: Atlas Network, INESS, Friedrich Naumann Foundation, PGA, ACC, Union of Small Enterprises of Ukraine, EconomistUA

2x Business Climate Improvement Toolkit

Currently, 40-77% of SME business leaders associate current regulatory procedures with the problems. Also, Ukraine occupies low positions in the DBR (76/190) and the IEF (150/180). The project will be focused on specific business climate improvement measures, consolidated in the Toolkit and promoted among the public and government.

Involved partners: Atlas Network, Reanimation Package of Reforms

SP3ILNO Management Office

SP³ILNO Management Office is a joint project of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine and EasyBusiness that is funded by Western NIS Enterprise Fund aimed at helping the Government to succeed in PPP development. The key goal of PMO is establishment of self-sufficient PPP management infrastructure on a sustainable basis in Ukraine.

Involved partners: Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, WNISEF


The program covers projects aimed at securing private property by clear laws and fully state enforcement. The initial mechanism within the program has been based on the case of proprietary rights infringement caused by the moratorium on farmland sales. Within the advocacy stream EasyBusiness initiated the class-action suit to the European Court of Human Rights.

Farmland.in.ua / ECHR initiative

Development of an online platform www.farmland.in.ua to support landowners in filing applications to the European Court of Human Rights (500 requests gathered), resulted in about 20 ECHR appeals by landowners and positive decision on 2 applications. Engagement of landowners through the development of a social video with 80,000+ views on Facebook, representing the position of average landowners and its broad communication to MPs, government officials and expert community.

Involved partners: Reanimation Package of Reforms

Advocacy of the land reform in Ukraine for the establishment of the free farmland market through changing of public perception and an increase in political will

The majority of the general population believes in myths and stereotypes about moratorium, used by populist parties. The main reason for such situation is lack of access to the alternative point of view. EasyBusiness conducts a wide advocacy and communication campaign to change the public perception of the moratorium on the free farmland sale, increase the public demand for the land reform and gain political support for the land reform.

Involved partners: CEDEM, European Commission, Reanimation Package of Reforms


The overall goal of the program is to build a politically conscious society of Ukrainians that will make a political choice considering facts rather than populists quotes and, hence, become agents of positive economic changes.

Nationwide Economic Freedom Education Campaign

Ukrainians cannot say exactly what values do they require from their political candidates and why  due to the low political literacy. They mostly criticise all of them stating some common reasons like nationwide corruption or bare signs of economic recovery. Therefore, the project primary goal is to increase the political literacy of Ukrainians with the particular emphasis on the economic freedom and libertarian values via the conduction of nationwide educational program.

Involved partners: Atlas Network

Development of the Economic Ideologies’ Index of Political Parties

Currently, political parties respond to social requests and deliver socially acceptable messages rather than stick to certain political ideology with the long-term positive economic effect. Thus, we plan to focus on ensuring of the availability of a convenient tool for enabling a conscious voting via the development of an analytical index that will reveal real ideologies of political parties and leaders.

Involved partners: Atlas Network


Saved annual business costs and goverment expenditures


Improved Ukraine's position in Doing Business Ranking


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