About us

EasyBusiness is a non-profit think tank established in 2014 by the Minister of Economy's advisors on deregulation and aimed at improving the freedom of doing business.


We released an analytical report "Creating a free market for agricultural land in Ukraine,"; began to work actively with Ukrainian landowners to advocate for their rights.


As a result of our team's work, the European Court of Human Rights ruled in the case of Zelenchuk and Tsytsyura v. Ukraine, which recognized that the land moratorium in Ukraine is a violation of the human right to dispose of their property.


EasyBusiness published the second large-scale study - analytical report LIFE AFTER

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EasyBusiness received the Europe Liberty Award for advocating for land reform in Ukraine.


Dmytro Lyvch, CEO of EasyBusiness, became an advisor to the Prime Minister of Ukraine and Head of the Analytical Department of the Center for Economic Recovery.