EasyBusiness | Norwegian Furniture and Textile markets are waiting for Ukrainian companies
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Norwegian Furniture and Textile markets are waiting for Ukrainian companies

Our team at EasyBusiness is glad to present the results of the new project with the Norwegian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, in which we assessed a trade potential between Norway and Ukraine within Furniture and Textile sectors.

What are the most prospective products in Furniture and Textile? What are the competitive advantages of Ukrainian Furniture and Textile? What is the easiest way to prepare all the required documents to export from Ukraine and import to Norway?

We tried to address all these questions and present the answers in our brief teasers which you can find below.

Within the project, we constructed an aggregated score to identify the most prospect product for Norwegian-Ukrainian trade in Furniture and Textile. As a result of our analysis, we designed a business guide that covers key benefits stemming from Norwegian-Ukrainian trade, description of selected products, key companies – exporters of selected products, and detailed procedures of exporting and importing of selected products (required documents, control procedures, tariff and non-tariff policies, and transport options).

During the projects, we constructed an aggregated score (i.e., index) that consisted of two sub-scores: (1) Norway demand side (role of particular product in Norwegian import), (2) Ukrainian supply side (role of particular product in Ukrainian export).

As a result, all products were scored and ranked from the highest to the lowest value that helped to select the most prospective one in Textile and Furniture industries for Norwegian-Ukrainian trade.

We believe that this project will help to strengthen trade partnership between Norway and Ukraine. At the same time, we want to thank the Norwegian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce for the support and making all this possible.

The project is a continuation of our previous analytical activities that included the development of Norwegian-Ukrainian business guides for Grains, Fruits, and Vegetables, that by the way was published by Export Promotion Office.

You can download teaser on furniture here

You can download teaser on textile here

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