EasyBusiness | EasyBusiness presents Annual Report 2018
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EasyBusiness presents Annual Report 2018

EasyBusiness presents Annual Report 2018

2018 was truly a year of new partnership. In 2018, EasyBusiness continued building a strong partner network that contributed to the successful implementation of projects and advanced competencies of the team. We have established a strategic alliance with Civitta, a leading Baltic management consulting firm, that enhanced our institutional capacity. This step is crucial for further development of both EasyBusiness and Civitta towards making a lasting impact in a new post-revolutionary Ukraine.

Looking back in 2018, we have successfully implemented 10 projects across sectors of the Ukrainian economy. What did we do? We trained Ukrainian small and medium enterprises, calculated the bureaucracy burden, supported the opening of the land market, worked with the government on a better business climate, and many more.

Meanwhile, we are not stopping and continue setting new ambitious goals. In the upcoming 5 years EasyBusiness wants to become a #1 free-market think tank with the aim to unleash Ukraine’s economic potential and achieve an additional US$5 billion of annual FDI in 5 years.

Taking advantage of the moment, we thank our trustful team that makes possible the implementation of all our brave ideas and initiatives: Andrew ShpakovKyrylo KryvolapDmytro LyvchKate Shapovalenko, Andrii DiakivMelaniya VolkodavYaroslav ZhydykVadym FedchyshynMaryna BoichenkoIvan Khomenko.

The development and growth of our think tank are also fueled by plentiful cooperation with international agencies, government, and various civil society platforms. Thus, we thank our partners: Embassy of the Netherlands in UkraineUSAID UkraineChemonicsCIVITTAKinstellarNorwegian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce – NUCCInternational Renaissance FoundationWorld Bank UkraineUkraine Investment Promotion OfficeProfessional Government Association of Ukraine,Reanimation Package of ReformsAtlas NetworkChemonics InternationalCentre for Economic StrategyDeloitte UkraineFriedrich Naumann Foundation Ukraine and BelarusCivic Synergy.

More ahead and let’s keep in touch!

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