EasyBusiness | Dmytro Lyvch at “Lights! Camera! Liberty!” Training Program.
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Dmytro Lyvch at “Lights! Camera! Liberty!” Training Program.

Dmytro Lyvch at “Lights! Camera! Liberty!” Training Program.

Past weekend in EasyBusiness was entirely dedicated to storytelling and video production management. Inspired by the spirit of liberty and free market values, EasyBusiness Project Manager Dmytro Lyvch decided to discover new forms of communication and visited the Creative Capital of the World for the participation in “Lights! Camera! Liberty!” Training Program.

Storytelling became a lead story for 57 participants from 35 organizations representing 15 different countries. Workshop’s agenda, remarkably rich in texture, provided networking with Hollywood filmmakers and featured big-name creatives to share their messaging tips. For the motivation to grow bigger in advancing of business freedom, we are very grateful to our partners from Taliesin Nexus and Atlas Network, especially Daniel B. Anthony, Dr. Lyall Swim – MBA, EdD, Alex Cordell, Vale Sloane, Casey Pifer and Eduardo A. Gil.

Special thanks to Viktorija Hill for the great on-site training provided last year, that was an unforgettable event in the life of our office. We are looking forward to this year’s in-house workshop and very excited to meet Jo Jensen, an expert in social media and marketing within the biggest film festivals in the world. Keep doing all that great things!

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