EasyBusiness | Bureaucracy Index Ukraine. Results 2018
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Bureaucracy Index Ukraine. Results 2018

On October 1st, EasyBusiness presented results of first in Ukraine Bureaucracy Index (BI) within dedicated event, International Bureaucracy Day, where representatives of government, business and expert community met together to discuss results of the Index and outline ways how to decrease regulatory and bureaucratic burden in Ukraine.

The Bureaucracy Index is a simple and transparent instrument, which measures the cost of “red tape” for small enterprise. The event was organized by EasyBusiness with the support of Atlas Network, Friedrich Naumann Foundation in partnership with Professional Government Association, Institute of Economic and Social Studies, Association of Small and Medium Enterprises and Privatized Enterprises of Ukraine, American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine and media platform EconomistUA.

Find more about the Bureaucracy Index and International Bureaucracy Day in the video below.

According to EasyBusiness’ research, an average small firm in Ukraine spends almost 500 hours (or 3 working months) of its employees for excessive and redundant bureaucratic duties. It equals to more than $1,300 or ~20% of annual profit.

Find more photo from the event.

Even though the number of mandatory bureaucratic procedures that the company must perform during the year in Ukraine is roughly equal to that of post-Soviet countries, it takes us twice as long to complete these procedures. We can confidently state that Ukrainian bureaucratic system is much more complex for local firms to deal with, but, in fact, is less costly due to cheap labor force.

Find more about the Bureaucracy Index Ukraine through media mentions, including the article on Novoye Vremya and live TV-show at 5 Channel. Also, we encourage you to visit the dedicated website, where results of the Index are presented, and all materials are available for download.

The newest information about our activities is always available on our website and Facebook page. We are constantly working to improve Ukrainian business climate through hi-end economic research and independent policy recommendations. Stay tuned!

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